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Samantha + Holden

Fun and Bright Engagement Session in Sarasota, FL

Samantha and Holden met four years ago at the University of Kentucky. They initially met through mutual friends but didn't actually get together until a YEAR LATER when they shared a summer class. On the first day of that class, Holden offered Sam a ride back to her home and that's when the spark was found.

While they can't recall the first 'official' date the two shared, they do remember working on group projects together where they would make plans to get their assignment done and would end up on Holden's back porch talking for hours! They waited until the night before their assignment was done to finally finish it and celebrated the day after at local restaurant and bar. Samantha reminisced that they were inseparable after that for the entire summer.

After dating for three years, Samantha suspected a proposal was coming soon. They had been talking about it for some time and one day Holden suggested taking a trip to Venice Beach but he was fully dressed and did not have swim trunks on him. When Samantha asked if she should grab her bathing suit, he responded that he wasn't going to go swimming. As the two of them walked, talked and enjoy the evening, they made their way down the pier. Half way along, Holden got down on one knee and asked Sam to marry him. Samantha said, "Of course I said yes!" excitedly. The rest of the evening was spent with family and friends as they celebrated their engagement.

Samantha's ring is one of a kind and the pair searched high and low to find a ring as beautiful and unique as the love they shared. The two of them had looked at rings together throughout the past year and when Samantha fell in love with the vintage cut and style of her ring, Holden knew he had to get it for her. They discovered it at a jeweler who sold mostly estate jewelry but it was a bit over their price point. Samantha and Holden left the jeweler to look for something more within their budget and without Samantha knowing, Holden returned and purchased the ring of Sam's dreams!

The two of them were so excited to tie the knot that they began planning their wedding right away and opted for a short engagement of only several months! The two were engaged on May 1st and their wedding will take place on July 30th. They plan to wed on the beaches of Anna Maria Island in Florida and describe their vision for the day as laid back, love-filled and fun. They cannot wait to officially start their lives together and be surrounded by their friends and family.

During their engagement session, a dark cloud loomed behind us with the golden Florida sunshine in front of us! Typical for an afternoon here, we were ready to head for shelter at the first drop of rain. Something I loved about Sam and Holden was that they were up for anything and wanted to have fun during their session so when it did end up sprinkling, they embraced it and we were able to get some gorgeous photos in the drizzle.

 I can't wait to get these two in front of my camera again come the end of July when their wedding is set. I know they will make a beautiful bride and groom!

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