Your Wedding Timeline

Hi there! I am so excited about your upcoming wedding! In an effort to make your wedding day images everything you hoped for and more, I have compiled a timeline for you to review and build so that I can ensure I am able to cover all the bases of your desired photographs.  Below you will find several categories with different sections to check off
with an amount of time listed next to each of them.

After you fill in the checked box besides each of the sections, you will then receive an estimate on the amount of time required for me to capture those images on your big day with a copy of the selected boxes. I calculate time in minutes and then convert to hours, rounding up to the hour, and will follow up via email with several collection suggestions that would work best for you. This is only an estimate and we will meet in person to go over what you have selected here so that we can customize a collection that fits all of your needs. 

If you are not sure which selection is best for you where there are several, it is best to overestimate as EVERY wedding falls behind a little bit. Yes, even the most punctual, organized wedding! My goal is to help keep us on track never rushing.

Please note any questions that you may have as you fill this out and do not hesitate to contact me.
I look forward to hearing about your wedding day and finding the perfect
collection for you!

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Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Pre Ceremony
Detail Photos
Typically done during preparation photos but needs to be accounted for in our timeline for planning. Includes: dresses, shoes, jewelry, rings, boutonnieres, invitations, bouquets, love letters, vows, etc.
Preparation Photos
This is for both guys and girls: applying make up, getting hair done, getting into dresses/adjusting ties and tuxes, buttoning dress, fastening jewelry/watches, exchanging gifts and hanging out before the wedding
Bride/Groom Portraits
Seperate portraits of the bride or groom in their wedding attire
First Look Photos
You meet privately before you walk down the aisle and have a moment to yourselves to fully soak in what's about to go down - a great photo opportunity which can show even more emotion than if you were to wait for the aisle with everyone watching.
Bridal Boudoir Mini Session
Incorporates your wedding details and you for a stunning gift after the wedding
If the place you are getting ready at is not the same location you will be getting married or will be doing your first look/formal photos
First Look w/Aisle Escort
If you plan on doing a first look with the one who will walk you down the aisle
Ceremony Length
If you place you are getting married at is not the same location you will be holding your reception or doing your formal photos
Formal Photos
Wedding Party Photos
Bride + bridesmaids, groom + groomsmen, bride + groom + wedding party - in fun and beautiful poses and settings - includes ring bearers/flower girls by request
Family Photos
Photos with the married couple and combinations of relatives. The family members are predetermined and listed for lead photographer in order to make them organized.
Couple's Portraits
Married couple + lead photographer ONLY. Fun posed and candid formal photographs of the bride and groom.
If the place you are doing your formal photos at is not the same location you will be having your cocktail hour/reception
Cocktail Hour
Cocktail Hour Photography Coverage
Couple's portraits are usually taking place during cocktail hour but if you have a chosen a collection with a second photographer and would like the cocktail hour photographed, select below.
Reception Detail Photos
Should be done pre-ceremony if available: table settings, special lighting, place cards, bouquets, special touches for the couple
First Dances
Select which dances apply to your wedding
Cake Cutting
Party Photos
Photos of guests dancing/mingling - 1 hour minimum for guests to get comfortable and dancing, 2 hours is recommended as the perfect amount of time, 3 hours will be more than enough time
Not every wedding has games. It really depends on you and your guests.
Time is used consecutively so make sure you account for the time you and your guests will be eating. During this time we do not take photos of guests because people do not like their photos taken while they eat. We use this time to grab a snack ourselves and prepare our gear for the second half of your wedding (backing up photos, charging batteries or collecting reception details if they were not available prior to the reception)
Reception Events
If you are doing a special event during your reception that I don't have listed, please let me know!
Special Send Offs/Getaway
If you have ANY questions about anything that you've read here or when it comes to filling out your wedding details, please do not hesitate to ask and be reassured that we will be meeting again soon once this is completed to go over all of the specifics and make sure we are on the same path to wedding day perfection! I can't wait to hear from you!
once you hit submit, you're timeline will be on it's way to us and we will forward you a copy - we can't wait to hear about your wedding!